Iceland Couple Session at Skógafoss Waterfall

April 14, 2023

Sandra + Joe’s Iceland couple session!

As a couple photographer, I love it when I get to work with the same clients again and again. There’s nothing better than getting to help a couple capture the highlights of their relationship as they grow together. So, when Sandra and Joe booked me in one of my bucket list travel locations, it thrilled me! It meant I’d get to work with this sweet couple again and visit a place I’d been dying to see.

I first met Joe and Sandra when they modeled for me in a studio couple session in Seattle, WA. At that time, I’d already been speaking with Joe about photographing the couple’s intimate Malibu proposal. But Sandra knew nothing about that. So, I had to keep Joe’s big secret the whole time we worked together on that first photoshoot! Since Joe proposed and Sandra said “yes,” I’ve also worked on their engagement session at Mount Rainier and their beautiful Hood River, Oregon wedding.

This Iceland couple session was a dream come true for me. Chris and I actually had a trip to Iceland planned back in 2020. That is, we did until the COVID shutdowns put everything on hold. So, when Sandra and Joe told me about their trip to Iceland, I felt so blessed to be their go-to photographer. Chris and I were incredibly excited to make the trip!

After traveling around Wyoming in a camper van, we knew we had to book a camper van to explore Iceland. On the way there, we ended up on the same flight, sitting in the same row as Sandra and Joe, totally by coincidence! It was a long, seven-and-a-half-hour flight, so we were exhausted when we landed at 6 am Iceland time.

Because of all our travel plans, we decided to do this Iceland couple session the same evening we arrived. So, after Chris and I spent the day exploring, we met Sandra and Joe at Skógafoss for their shoot. Winter was just ending there, so the grass was still brown from the cold season. But I actually love the way it looked with the dark cliffs and light falling water.

Luckily, there weren’t many people at the falls that evening. But it was pretty windy and cold. I was wearing an entire rain suit. The thing completely covered me, head to toe. And, still, I was freezing. Unfortunately, I later discovered this was the warmest I’d be on the whole trip! I mostly shot digitals, but I also did some film photography. Despite the cold, working with Sandra and Joe was so much fun. The waterfall was unbelievable to photograph, and I am so thankful for the entire experience! 

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