Mount Rainier Engagement Session

July 28, 2021

Sandra + Joseph’s Mount Rainier engagement session

You guys have probably heard me talk about these two on and on but here I go again! I first met Sandra and Joe in Seattle at a studio session. Little did Sandra know Joe had already contacted me about proposing a few months later in Malibu. You can see our first session together here and their proposal here! Shortly after they booked me for their 2022 wedding and engagement photos.

There are so many stunning places in Washington, Sandra had a hard time picking where to go! I don’t blame her at all though, how can you possibly pick just one spot?? Luckily I have been all over and I can walk you through the differences of each location and why certain spots might fit you better than others. Sandra and Joe went with Mount Rainier National Park. Probably my favorite place in Washington. Mount Rainier National Park is so stunning it truly takes your breath away. Some of my favorite photos ever taken have been at this very place. Each winter when the sunrise side closes part of my heart breaks until the summer when it opens up again.

One of the reasons I love Mount Rainier National Park is the big and open fields leading up to the mountain. The shape of the mountain is so unique and stands out dramatically. Sometimes I take it for granted driving down the freeway and just seeing the mountain in all of its glory. Sandra and Joe picked the perfect time to go to the mountain as the wildflowers were blooming. Spring in the mountains comes later than you expect since it takes longer for the snow to melt. July is my favorite time to explore Mount Rainier National Park. That’s all for now! I hope you all enjoy this Mount Rainier engagement session as much as I do. I cannot wait to photograph these two on their big day.

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