Over time, I have tweaked and perfected my preset to be exactly what I’d always been looking for. I eventually created an even more nostalgic film variation of my original preset, too. And now, I want to share them both with all of you.

It took me years and years to define a consistent style within my work. I tried countless presets made by other photographers, trying to find something I really loved, but I never found exactly what I was looking for.

Until I created this preset. 

Before & After | Brooke Nalani preset + Brooke Nalani preset film

Brooke Nalani Preset

Brooke Nalani Preset Film

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What’s included:

One-color preset, one black & white preset, a guide to help you download and use the presets.

How do i download the presets?

Once purchased look in the “Downloads” folder on your computer. In the zip file, I also have a guide that teaches you how to install your presets in Lightroom.

What do i do if the preset doesn’t look good after one click?

I suggest adjusting exposure and then your white balance. After that, I would play with other settings like contrast, blacks, whites, and the HSL panel.

Do i have to shoot in raw?

No, but for best results, I would suggest shooting in RAW. RAW images retain more detail and give you more flexibility when editing.

If you have any questions in relation to my presets you can email me directly at:


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