i have been developing this preset since the beginning of my photography journey.

It took me years and years to find and create a consistent style within my work. I have bought and tried hundreds of presets trying to find something that worked for me.

Until I created this one preset. 

Ever since, even when I try something new, I always find myself back here. Over time I have tweaked and perfected this preset to be exactly what I have been looking for, and it is finally ready for me to share with you all.


I cannot wait to finally share this with you all.

after and before

What’s included?

• 1 Color Preset

• 1 B&W Preset

• A guide to help you install the presets into Lightroom and teach you how to benefit the most from using this preset 

• A walkthrough video tutorial of how I edit in various lighting situations


All sales are final

perfect light, low light, direct sunlight, and even flash.

It’s not always a one-click edit but I created a special guide that will help you with all different kinds of tricky lighting situations as well as a 30 minute step by step editing tutorial. And just for fun I also added in my one and only black & white preset!
These presets will only work on Lightroom for your desktop. It is best when used on RAW images. Please download the file on your computer. 
All sales are final. Unauthorized distribution of Brooke Nalani Presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

i use this preset for everything.

Lucky for you I also offer mentor sessions.

Book me for a mentor session and we can dive even deeper into editing and I can teach you all of my tips and tricks. I will walk you through step by step on how to use my preset with your photos.

still need some help?


What is included in the preset pack?

One-color preset, one black & white preset, a guide to help you download and use the presets, and a 30 minute step by step editing tutorial.

How do I download the presets?

Once purchased look in the “Downloads” folder on your computer. In the zip file, I also have a guide that teaches you how to install your presets in Lightroom.

Why only one color preset?

I wanted to be very straightforward when selling this preset - this is the one and only preset I use. I do not use 5+ different presets when I edit. I use this preset and sometimes my black & white as a base and then adjust however I need.

What do I do if the preset doesn’t look good after one click?

I suggest adjusting exposure and then your white balance. After that, I would play with other settings like contrast, blacks, whites, and the HSL panel.

Do these presets work on my phone?

Unfortunately no, these presets are only for Adobe Lightroom Classic on your computer.

do i have to shoot in raw?

No, but for best results, I would suggest shooting in RAW. RAW images retain more detail and give you more flexibility when editing.

"I’ve tried them on all types of photos, outdoors and in studio, and they never fail to deliver, they work great on EVERY image!"


"Ever since I stumbled upon Brooke’s work I have been her biggest fan, she is exactly the photographer I aspire to be one day. So there was no doubt in my mind that I had to buy her presets, and I’m SO glad I did. Using them has totally changed the way I work, it’s made editing so much easier and so much more fun as I’m always excited about the final result. I’ve tried them on all types of photos, outdoors and in studio, and they never fail to deliver, they work great on EVERY image! Thank you Brooke for making these perfect presets and giving other photographers the chance to use them! The best investment I ever made."

"Brooke’s presets are so pretty! They are everything that’s advertised. Creamy, beige, and warm, just like Brooke’s brand. They are really easy to use and tweak to each individual photo. Worth it!"


please email me at brookenalaniphoto@gmail.com

any questions?