Summer Maternity Session

July 28, 2022

Tessa + Jon’s summer maternity session!

Jon and Tessa might be one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever worked with. These two are super genuine and so kind. They love Jesus, and He really shines through them. Even though Tessa and Jon had a tough journey to becoming parents, they trusted in God’s faithfulness and goodness. So, this baby is an extra special blessing to their family. This summer maternity session for baby girl Golden celebrated that blessing!

Shooting this summer maternity session for Tessa and Jon was so special. They were super joyful about their little one, and it shows in the final photos. I always love it when mamas bring lots of little details for their maternity shoots, and Tessa did just that. Ultrasound photos, vintage baby toys, onesies, baby blankets, and bits of ribbon or bows make for sweet detail photos.

Tessa and Jon also brought an adorable, antique baby dress to their summer maternity session that holds special meaning for them. For years, Tessa saw this vintage baby dress at their favorite downtown Snohomish antique shop. She always loved it, but she felt silly buying a baby dress before they were expecting a baby, so she never got it.

Then, one day, while visiting the shop, Tessa noticed the dress wasn’t there anymore. She didn’t expect it to affect her so much, but she started crying. Jon talked with the lady at the desk, and she confirmed they sold the dress. This so disappointed Tessa. She’d imagined a daughter of her own wearing that dress one day, and now that dream seemed to be gone.

Over a year later, during their season of waiting, on a day when it felt so hard to imagine they’d ever become parents, Jon dragged Tessa to their favorite antique shop to get her out of the house. They started walking around when all of a sudden, Tessa saw something she never expected to see again. Right there in front of her was the dress in the exact same spot as years before.

It was such a sweet miracle and so perfectly timed. Tessa cried again, but this time with hope. She bought the dress and took it as a promise from God that someday she and Jon would have a little girl. Tessa hung that dress on the nursery wall, and it stayed there as a promise of hope for over a year. Then, the dream came true. Tessa and Jon learned they would finally have the baby God promised them.

I’m so glad Tessa brought the dress to their session because its story is such a God thing and a blessing, especially because they did have a baby girl! I am grateful to have been a small part of this family’s beautiful story. This sweet summer maternity session was a tribute to God’s faithfulness!

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