Mount Rainier Couple Session

September 2, 2021

Tina + Sam’s Mount Rainier Couple Session!

Tina and Sam were based in New York City when we booked this engagement shoot. Tina told me that the two of them had visited the PNW right before COVID shut everything down. They both fell in love with the area’s natural beauty on the trip. They even started looking into relocating to the west coast. None of us knew it at the time, but Tina and Sam would later decide that Seattle was the city they wanted to move to! With their deep love for the PNW, they knew they had to have their engagement session out here.

Tina and Sam met in Philadelphia while they were in college and have been together for over nine and a half years! When they first met, Tina surprised and impressed Sam with how much she knew about sports and cars, two of his favorite hobbies. This couple bonded over their mutual love of football and good food. Even now, they never miss watching a Sunday football game together and absolutely will travel for a great foodie experience. 

When it came to booking their session, we talked a ton about different location options and possible shoot times. In the end, Tina and Sam chose to do a Mount Rainier couple session at sunrise, on the Sunrise side of the mountain. It was cold on the morning of their session, but these two were champs. Their sweetness with each other really came through in the photos. While the sun rose, we shot in a few different spots on the mountainside, making the most of the changing light conditions. 

Sunrise is the perfect name for this side of Mount Rainier because my absolute favorite time to shoot there is at sunrise. The way the light rises on the mountain is always so gorgeous. During Tina and Sam’s shoot, there was this beautiful pink color on the mountains in the background. I also love how Sunrise is so quiet and peaceful at this time of the morning. It makes for such an intimate, romantic photo session. 

Before we said our goodbyes, Tina and Sam gifted me a Seattle candle by Homesick for working with them. Neither of them knew it, but Homesick is one of my favorite candle companies! It was such a sweet gift to receive.

Despite the cold, I had a great time shooting this Mount Rainier couple session for Tina and Sam.

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