PNW Sailboat Couple Session

September 1, 2021

Sarah + Andrew’s PNW sailboat couple session!

This was such a unique session to shoot. I met this couple on Instagram. I was looking for a couple with a sailboat for a special session and when we first connected, I thought we’d be doing the session on their boat. Instead, they reached out to their friend Jared, asked if we could use his boat for the shoot, and he said yes! He was so generous with us. It ended up being such a perfect setting for capturing photos of these two together.

Sarah and Andrew actually live on a sailboat full-time. While their boat is smaller than the boat we used for this session, they spend as much time as possible sailing it all over the place. They were planning their next adventure, a sailing-trip down to Mexico, when we met up for this photoshoot. 

It was my first time on a sailboat, and it was a great first experience! Chris came along to the shoot because of his love for boats and the water. The boat was also really incredible to be on. It was massive, with multiple bedrooms and a kitchen. Just really cool. 

While Jared so kindly sailed us all around the Puget Sound, Sarah and Andrew talked about the ins and outs of sailing. They explained how it’s all super dependent on the weather. If a big storm rolls in, you can get stuck places for weeks at a time. You have to wait for the weather to clear up before you can set sail for your next destination. Thankfully, the weather was cooperated for us on their session day!

We all enjoyed sailing around until the light was right. Then, we got started shooting Sarah and Andrew’s couple session. They each brought along three outfits, and all of them were perfect for the setting. The whites of the sailboat and the light, bright color scheme of the couple’s clothing contrasted perfectly with the moody, blue-green water. 

All in all, it was a great evening out on the water for this PNW sailboat couple session!

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