Hurricane Ridge Couple Session

September 4, 2021

Gina + Parker’s Hurricane Ridge couple session!

First, I have to say how much I love this location. Of all the places to shoot in Washington state, Mount Rainier and Hurricane Ridge are my two favorites. Hurricane Ridge is in Olympic National Park, south of Port Angeles, and it is such an underrated photography location. Though it is a bit further from the city, and I do have to leave around 2:30 am to be there at sunrise, it is so worth the drive. The views there are unlike anything else!

Gina and Parker were my giveaway winners, and I was thrilled when we decided on a Hurricane Ridge couple session. This couple was so nice and fun to work with. At the time of the shoot, they were engaged. Now, they are married! They were one of those unlucky couples who had to postpone their wedding multiple times due to COVID. They opted to do a simple, courthouse wedding, in the end. Then, they’ll still have their big wedding in Italy at a later time.

Gina and Parker’s session was in autumn, and the colors of the grass and the evergreens in the distance gave their photos a warm, fall feel. Every season at Hurricane Ridge has a different vibe. In the spring, these fields are covered with wildflowers, and you can see deer everywhere. And, in the summer, it’s the perfect place to hike, picnic, or just set up a hammock and relax. 

No matter what season I shoot there, I always love sunrise at Hurricane Ridge. The way the light hits the mountains as it rises is really beautiful. So, scheduling this session for sunrise was an easy call. We didn’t have to deal with as many crowds as we would have at sunset, and we got some awesome shots with the sun rising on the mountain range. Gina and Parker stayed in nearby Port Angeles and made a whole weekend of their Hurricane Ridge couple session. I really enjoyed working with these two!

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