Diamond Cross Ranch Wedding + Wyoming Trip

September 29, 2022

Our first camper van trip + Alyssa and Clayton’s gorgeous Diamond Cross Ranch wedding!

This whole trip was so much fun! It was both my and Chris’s first camper van trip, and we went with luxury camper van rental company, Moterra Campervans. Overall, we loved the experience! We enjoyed being on the road in nature while also having all the amenities of a hotel. It didn’t take us long to realize that we will definitely need to go on many more camper van trips.

Chris and I started the trip in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Then, we drove up to Yellowstone National Park before making our way back down to Grand Teton National Park. That’s where we ended our trip, but not before I got to work on one of my dream shoots, a Diamond Cross Ranch wedding!

Most days, we did some sightseeing and adventured around in the Tetons. On a couple of days, we woke up to catch the sunrise and photograph the mountains in that perfect early morning light. We also saw a lot of wildlife! We were lucky enough to see many bison in Yellowstone. Then, I saw a fox at our campsite. We also spotted a black bear in the Teton mountains and saw a few moose and elk, too.

Chris and I made a lot of our meals as we traveled, which worked out overall. But by the time we arrived in the Tetons, we were pretty much over cooking on the camp stove. So, we got ourselves pizza at night. We also found our favorite coffee shop, Persephone Bakery, in Jackson, Wyoming. They had the BEST pastries! And their butter croissants were heavenly.

I was super excited when we got back to Grand Teton national park because I’d been booked to shoot a wedding at one of my dream venues, Diamond Cross Ranch. This ranch is one of the last historic ranches in the area. While it’s still an operational ranch, it has become a premiere wedding venue in Jackson Hole.

Over this past year, I have grown a huge appreciation for this ranch and its owner, Grant Golliher. And reading his book, Think Like a Horse, has only deepened my respect for him and the ranch. In addition to raising and training performance western horses, Diamond Cross works to rehabilitate and rehome rescue horses using natural horsemanship techniques, aka “horse whispering.” Ultimately, I was beyond thrilled to take on this Diamond Cross Ranch wedding!

Bride and groom, Alyssa and Clayton, live in Arizona, and I met them for the first time last year when I shot their snowy Grand Teton engagement photos. These two are so kind! You can tell from just being around them that they truly are best friends. My favorite part of this Diamond Cross Ranch wedding was the first kiss when they let out their horses and had them run across behind the bride and groom. It was such a beautifully unique touch for a truly stunning wedding!

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