Death Valley Couple Session

November 19, 2021

Launi + Austen’s Death Valley couple session!

This one was a special photo session for two reasons. First off, Launi is a photographer friend of mine. It’s so lovely when I get the opportunity to photograph people I know. When Launi and Austen’s anniversary was coming up, Launi wanted some professional photos done. So, she decided to book me as their photographer! This couple is lots of fun and so very kind. It was a joy to work with them.

And second, this couple session was incredibly cool for me to shoot because Death Valley was on my travel bucket list! Launi reviewed this list of my must-visit photography destinations and chose Death Valley for her and Austen’s session. Anyone who books me for a session at any location on my bucket list won’t be charged for the shoot. All you have to do is pick a destination from my list, pay the travel fee, and get a free couple or engagement session! Or book me for an elopement or wedding at one of my bucket list destinations and get 25% off!

We scheduled Launi and Austen’s Death Valley couple session in November because the weather tends to be the best during that month. There, autumn temperatures stay in the low nineties during the day and drop down to the sixties at night, which is excellent since summers in Death Valley can get insanely hot. The high temps are super dangerous, and people have died from the heat alone. 

Even with its dangers, Death Valley is magnificent. I think it is highly underrated. I couldn’t wrap my head around how awesome it was to be there. There were many possible photoshoot locations in the park, but we narrowed it down to two spots for Launi and Austen’s session. First, we took some photos at Zabriskie Point, then went to Artist Point and got some more shots for variety. It was a bit of an adventure getting over to Artist Point, though. The road to get there was one-way and so crazy windy that it felt like we were on a roller coaster. Still, the photos turned out so well that I can’t complain about any of it!

When I get the chance to visit a place I’ve always wanted to see, I’ve got to take full advantage. So, Chris and I extended our trip for a few extra days. We had a lot of fun exploring the national park. We are big Star Wars fans, so we geeked out a little getting to see the place where they filmed so many of the Tatooine scenes. We were very excited to be there finally! This was definitely a bucket list-worthy Death Valley couple session.

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