Laguna Beach California Couple Session

August 29, 2022

Sofia + Seth’s Laguna Beach California couple session!

I did this session and two others while I was in San Diego, visiting my sister. It’s always lovely when I have the chance to take trips that combine my work, which I love, with seeing my family. And one of the best parts about having family living in SoCal is that I get to shoot at all these beautiful coastal locations!

Besides spending time with my sister, my favorite part of this Laguna Beach California couple session was the location. I had never shot at Laguna Beach before Sofia and Seth’s session. It’s such a gorgeous spot on the coast, and I was dying to do a session there. So, I was super excited about this one!

I drove up early with my sister to explore the area a little. Before the session, we wandered around downtown Laguna Beach and shared a yummy chicken sandwich from this great restaurant. I am so in love with all the coastal vibes! It was fun to get a feel for the area, and the town was really charming.

Then, we checked out a few different beaches so I could pick a location for Sofia and Seth’s Laguna Beach California couple session. Whenever I have a session in a new area, I try to scout ahead in person. Or, if I can’t get to the location ahead of time, I use Google Earth. This helps me get a better idea of the prettiest spots for shooting and also helps me give my couples the best, most seamless experience.

After seeing a few other options, I settled on the location you see in these final photos. I loved the giant cliff jutting out in the background. But I knew it would block too much light once the sun got low. I needed to find a second location for when that happened.

After a bit of exploring, I found a way to get around to the other side of the cliff. Ultimately, we did half the photos on the first side of the cliff while the light was glowy and golden. Then, we moved to the other side and captured my favorite light, that beautiful soft pink twilight.

Sofia and Seth’s Laguna Beach California couple session was the perfect way to celebrate their engagement. It was a beautiful shoot, and the location more than lived up to the hype. I loved working on this Laguna Beach session, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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