Oregon Coast Engagement Session

March 28, 2021

Joyce + Oscar’s Oregon Coast engagement session!

A very VERY windy engagement session on the Oregon coast! Joyce and Oscar reached out months ago and we planned their session for January… February…? I honestly can’t remember anymore! We had to reschedule multiple times due to the crazy PNW weather. Sometimes in the off-season these beautiful states can be so all over the place weather wise. When March came around Joyce and Oscar needed their photos done for their invitations. We just decided to go for it! Luckily it actually didn’t rain on us at all, but when I say it was windy I mean sand blowing sideways across the beach, barely able to stand up straight, windy.

Despite all of this we made the most of it! Joyce and Oscar still seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves even though we were all freezing our butts off. During the session Joyce’s hair was flying all over the place and sand was hitting us in the face. It was honestly so insane. Because of all this I decided to offer to do the second half of the session more locally on a different day that way she wouldn’t have to wear a dress in the wind and have all messy hair photos. 

The thing is, the memories that I remember most are never the days where everything went perfectly, but the ones where crazy stuff happened and things didn’t necessarily go my way. Those are the days I remember! I can’t ever promise that the weather will be perfect and that we will get beautiful golden hour photos, but what I can promise you is that we will have one heck of a time no matter what happens! 

PS. if you are worried about me making you shoot in this kind of weather, don’t fret! I allow free date changes due to crazy weather 😉

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