Eastern Washington Wild West Elopement

September 20, 2021

My eastern Washington, wild west elopement, styled shoot!

If you know me then you know that I am a total sucker for all things Wild West. So, when I had the chance to do an old school, western styled bridal shoot, of course I had to go for it! I wanted to capture all the vintage Wild West vibes. When you look through these photos, just go ahead and imagine some Johnny Cash playing in the background.

It was really important to get the location right for this one. Ultimately, I chose to shoot in eastern Washington because it has the perfect desert vibes. I found this specific spot using Google Earth a few years ago, and I knew it would be the ideal setting for an eastern Washington Wild West elopement. Whenever I can’t get out to see the shooting location before a session, Google Earth is a super helpful tool for scouting. 

Instead of trying to coordinate everything myself, I had Aisle1 do all the planning and styling for this elopement session. They killed it, as per usual! The team brought my vision to life through the carefully selected neutral florals, the cool table details like fake animal skulls and faux crocodile skin placemats, and even the groom’s turquoise bolo tie that they procured for me. 

While Aisle1 took care of finding that bolo tie to complete the groom’s western look, I styled the bride. I found the perfect, classic Stetson cowboy hat and white cowboy boots to really drive that Wild West theme home. I knew I absolutely had to have a horse for this shoot, so I turned to Instagram and managed to find someone who was willing to let me photograph their cute horse, Magpie. She added so much to the feel of the shoot and I even caught her smiling at the camera!

All the details really came together for this eastern Washington wild west elopement. Everything, from the wide-open blue sky to the gorgeous golden sunset to the amber-colored iced tea “whiskey” in the crystal decanter, worked together beautifully. It was all my Wild West dreams come true! 


Design/styling: Aisle1
Florist: Susie Gelman
Cake artist: Cake and Crumble
Paper goods: Honest Calligraphy
Table and chair rentals: Fiona Louise Design
Dress: The Dress Theory Seattle + Sarah Seven
Horse: Samantha Robbins
Models: Lea and David Opana